Too many irons in the fire… My dad used to say this to my sisters and me when we had too many projects or extracurricular activities happening at once. Seems to be a pattern I’ve continued in my adult life. Truth is I like it all. And I’m moved by it all. Dance. Theater. Film. Visual art. Performance art. Music. Poetry… My hero, Meredith Monk, taught me that art is art. It’s all art. Period. No need for silos. I created this site as a place to host and encourage the blurring of all arts by artists who enjoy collaboration, the creative process and getting in over their heads. I lost my dad in 2018. I wish he were here to see my many irons come together in this one special place. I think he’d be proud. In tribute, the bottom of each page holds a nugget of his wit and wisdom. Thanks for stopping by.


​Angela Yetzke, MFA, CMA, is a Michigan-based choreographer, educator and writer whose work blurs the mediums of dance, theater, voice and visual art for works on the stage and off. In 2014 Yetzke received her certification as a movement analyst through the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in NYC, enabling her to coach dancers and non-dancers alike in effective movement communication. Yetzke is an assistant professor of dance at Hope College in Holland, MI, teaching Laban Movement Analysis, Composition, Improvisation, Modern and Jazz. She holds an MFA in Choreography/Performance from the University of WI – Milwaukee and a BA in Dance from Western MI University.


Dad Quote #43 – “If Not Now, When?”