The Elephant Project

Moving toward wholeness…

Jump and land and splat and crumble. No wait. Crumple. Or crumble.                                      Doesn’t really matter, but keep in mind, they really do mean different things.                                                                                                                                   –Angela Yetzke

Backgroundcropped-20180512_1809221.jpg  I am a breast cancer survivor. Following my 2017 surgeries, I wrote a poem entitled “How to Move the Truth” to start the work of reclaiming, restoring, and re-imagining my body post trauma (excerpt above). At the same time I learned of a communal practice in female elephants in which they surround and protect a distressed, ill, or pregnant sister, kicking up dust and trumpeting until she is no longer vulnerable. I began to envision physical and emotional trauma survivors as vulnerable elephants, surrounded by dancers moving the images of my poem. The Elephant Project seeks to promote holistic trauma recovery through movement.

Founder/Project Director: Angela Yetzke

Tier One: Re-Embody — Personal movement coaching and recovery classes using the principles of Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals and the communal philosophy of the elephant tribe, facilitated by Yetzke, certified movement analyst of the Laban/Bartenieff system

Tier Two: “How to Move the Truth” — A series of original dance works by national and international choreographers, invited by Elephant Project founder and artistic director, Angela Yetzke. Participating choreographers will create in response to Yetzke’s poem and in collaboration with Yetzke, on the themes of fragility, trauma, loss, and body image. Works will be presented globally for stage and community outreach, 2018-2022.

Tier Three: Re-Embody as part of West Michigan’s breast cancer recovery protocol in partnership with the following healthcare organizations:

Holland Hospital Breast Services, Holland, MI                                  Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, MI                            Susan G. Komen Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI                      Elite Plastic Surgery, Grand Rapids, MI 

Tier Two Participating Choreographers:
Alicia Chesser Atkin, Tulsa, OK,
Stephanie Rankin, Chicago, IL
Sharon Marroquinn, Austin, TX,
Katja Buchtemann and Sandra Adiarte, Germany                          üchtemann
Irina Paiuk and Sharon Gidron Peskin, Israel

To request more information on The Elephant Project, please visit the “Contact” page.

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