The Elephant Project, A three-tiered initiative for reclaiming, restoring, and re-imagining the body after trauma | Photos: Krista Yetzke


Cómo mover la verdad (premiering October 2019), The Elephant Project, created with dance students at the Universidad de Morelia in Michoacán, Mexico, as part of the International Congress of Performing Arts



Everything Has a Corner (2019), featuring You. Unearthed. (Yetzke) and Lying, Winning, and S Curves (participating choreographer: Stephanie Rankin), The Elephant Project, Dovetail Studios, Chicago, IL | Photo: Julie Sheeran


You. Unearthed. (2019), The Elephant Project, Hope College, Holland, MI | Sound designer: Nancy Macasieb | Photos: Carter Damaska (top left), Steven Herppich (top right), Richard Rivera (bottom)


Lying, Winning, and S Curves (2019), The Elephant Project, Boll Theater, Detroit, MI | Participating choreographer: Stephanie J. Rankin | Sound designer: Nancy Macasieb | Photos: Kristi Faulkner


How to Move the Truth #4 (2018), The Elephant Project, as part of Ballet East’s Seis Voces, Austin | Participating choreographer: Sharon Marroquin | Photos: Ulises Garcia


How to Move the Truth #1 (2018), The Elephant Project, as part of Exchange Choreography Festival, Tulsa | Collaborating choreographer and fellow performer: Alicia Chesser Atkin | Photos: Nathan Harmon


I Make Myself Your Door (2017), Hope College, Holland, MI | Collaborators: Jennifer Wolfe, Mark Lopez, Katherine McMorris | Photos: Maddie King


Under a Blu Sun (2017), Hope College, Holland, MI | Photos: Erik Alberg | Video excerpt available at: 

Dance 43 - Angie-7 (1)


Run. Chase. Swallow. Shift. (2016), Hope College, Holland, MI | Photos: Erik Alberg


Color Boat (2015), Old College Gallery, University of Delaware| Collaborator: Kimberly Schroeder | Artists: Dennis Beach and Donald McLaughlin | Photos: Dan Dunlop


The Blind Ambition of Miss Columbia (2015), ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, MI | Director: Pj Maske


Embody Art: Dance and Painting Workshop (2015), Holland Area Arts Council, Holland, MI | Collaborator: Jessica Joy London | Photos: Liz Anderson


Dance Anywhere worldwide event (2015), Holland, MI participation | Collaborator: Anne-Rene Petrarca | Photos: Stephanie Brumels


If It Rained Color (2015), Hope College, Holland, MI | Artist: Jessica Joy London | Photos: Erik Alberg


When the Days Become a Moment (2014), ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, MI | Collaborators: Jamie Kreindler, Rob Kenagy, Nate Roberts | Photos: Krista Yetzke


you and me in relative time (2014), Hope College, Holland, MI | Photos: Erik Alberg


Seal Steak… and Dirty Tulips (2013), Hope College, Holland, MI | Artist: Katherine Sullivan | Photos: Erik Alberg


Your Cheekbones, My Chin (2012, graduate thesis), Holland, MI | Photos:


Slippage and Delicacies (2011), Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids, MI | Photos: Paul Jendrasiak


PSA on Diet Coke (2011), Milwaukee, WI | Photos: Lindsay Gilmour


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