The Elephant Project, A three-tiered initiative for reclaiming, restoring and re-imagining the body after breast cancer. 2018 – 2021 | Photos: Krista Yetzke                  Learn more at 

A new Elephant work was created with dance students at the Universidad de Morelia in Michoacán, Mexico, as part of the Congreso Internacional de Artes Escénicas, premiering October 2019!



Everything Has a Corner, June 15 and 16, 7pm, Dovetail Studios, Chicago.  Two Elephant Project works: You. Unearthed. and Lying, Winning and S Curves. Photo: Julie Sheeran


You. Unearthed / How to Move the Truth #5 (2019), The Elephant Project | Sound designer: Nancy Macasieb | Photos: Carter Damaska (top left), Steven Herppich (top right), Richard Rivera (bottom)


Lying, Winning and S Curves / How to Move the Truth #2 (2019), The Elephant  Project | Collaborating choreographer: Stephanie J. Rankin | Sound designer: Nancy Macasieb | Photos: Kristi Faulkner


How to Move the Truth #4 (2018), The Elephant Project | Collaborating choreographer: Sharon Marroquin | Photos: Ulises Garcia


How to Move the Truth #1 (2018), The Elephant Project | Collaborating choreographer and fellow performer: Alicia Chesser Atkin | Photos: Nathan Harmon


I Make Myself Your Door (2017) | Collaborators: Jennifer Wolfe, Mark Lopez, Katherine McMorris | Photos: Maddie King


Under a Blu Sun (2017) | Photos: Erik Alberg | Video excerpt available at: 

Dance 43 - Angie-7 (1)


Run. Chase. Swallow. Shift. (2016) | Photos: Erik Alberg


Color Boat (2015) | Collaborator: Kimberly Schroeder | Artists: Dennis Beach and Donald McLaughlin | Photos: Dan Dunlop


The Blind Ambition of Miss Columbia (2015) | Director: Pj Maske


Embody Art: Dance and Painting Workshop (2015) | Collaborator: Jessica Joy London | Photos: Liz Anderson


Dance Anywhere (2015) | Collaborator: Anne-Rene Petrarca | Photos: Stephanie Brumels


If It Rained Color (2015) | Artist: Jessica Joy London | Photos: Erik Alberg


When the Days Become a Moment (2014) | Collaborators: Jamie Kreindler, Rob Kenagy, Nate Roberts | Photos: Krista Yetzke


you and me in relative time (2014) | Photos: Erik Alberg


Seal Steak… and Dirty Tulips (2013) | Artist: Katherine Sullivan | Photos: Erik Alberg


Your Cheekbones, My Chin (2012, graduate thesis) | Photos:


Slippage and Delicacies (2011) | Photos: Paul Jendrasiak


PSA on Diet Coke (2011) | Photos: Lindsay Gilmour


Dad Quote #306 – “Always buy on the water.”