Workshops, Residencies & Movement Coaching with Angela Yetzke

Re-Embody — Restoring, reclaiming and re-imagining the body following trauma

Vernacular Jazz — Honoring history, celebrating community, reveling in rhythm

Modern/Contemporary/Moving — Active weight shift, counter-directional motion, dynamic sensitivity and attention to space

Dynamic Performer — Moving audiences through Body, Effort, Space and Shape

Voice and Movement for the Choreographer — Invention and Connection through Speaking, Singing, and Sound-making

Visual Art and Movement for the Choreographer — Canvas, Paint, and Bold Choices

The Moving Actor — Integrating Body and Voice

The Moving Singer — Integrating Body and Voice

Bartenieff Fundamentals — Organizing the Body for Maximum Output

Private and group movement coaching available for dancers, actors, singers, athletes, or anyone interested in improving their movement expression and efficiency.

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Advanced Composition with dance major Megan Elseth, Hope College, 2019

Vernacular Jazz class, Hope College, 2017


Dad Quote #487 – “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.”